All About Nascar

By Nancy Martin

Every few years a star rises, and one legend steps aside to make way. This often goes unnoticed in real life, but in NASCAR, this kind of pattern is highly visible, Richard petty won his last title in'79, Dale Earnhardt took his first the next year. Dale went on to win 6 more before passing on the prize to Jeff Gordon in'95, These three men are on the top of the list of all time Winston cup winners. Let's look at the men who single handedly sold NASCAR tickets to millions over the years.

Richard petty

There have been few drivers as celebrated as him in NASCAR. The King started his career at the age of 21 in'58, and by the time he hung his driving gloves in'92 thirty-five years later he had amassed records that would take generations to break. He won 7 Winston cups (a record tied with Dale Earnhardt SR.) and won 200 races (another record), nearly twice as that of his closest rival David Pearson.

Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Dale Earnhardt drove his first race in'75, and competed in 8 more races until his first full season in'79. He showed signs of class early on by finishing in 7th place in overall points standings and was declared the Rookie of the season. He won his first Winston cup in next year, coincidently winning the title after Richard Petty's 7th and final win , a NASCAR record that Earnhardt went on to equal later in his career. Dale died in a tragic car accident at the 2001 Daytona 500 at the age of 49.

David Gene Pearson

Born in South Carolina in'34, David Gene Pearson was the first driver to win 3 Winston cup titles. Nicknamed 'The Silver Fox', he won many accolades over his 26 year long career including being declared the Rookie of the Year in'60, and winning the career grand slam at NASCAR, a feat achieved by only 8 people until now. Pearson is also remembered for his outstanding clashes with The King Richard Petty which resulted in 63 one-two finishes between the two in a-- year period.

Jeff Gordon

A four time NASCAR sprint cup champion, Jeff showed a lot of promise from his first season in'93, at the end of which he was declared the rookie of the season. He defeated Earnhardt Sr. to win his first title in'95 and repeated the feat three more times, last of which came in 2001. Although Gordon has not won a championship ever since, he is till formidably present on the track, running in third position in the current championship.

Jimmie Johnson

Born in El Cajon, California, Jimmie Johnson began his driving career in 2001. His first race win came next year in NAPA Auto parts 500, California. It took him five more years before he could win his first sprint cup, but since then he has not relinquished the title. An interesting point is that he drives for a Jeff Gordon, a man whose record he is set to equal if he wins the NASCAR championship at the end of the season.

If you are not a fan of NASCAR already, chances are after reading this you will have become one. There is so much more to these men than we could have told you in a few words, and there is so much more to the sport, than you can understand from reading a few pages. So go buy yourself NASCAR tickets, or find a dealer to find your NASCAR TIX for you and begin your affair with the sport. - 30406

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Shopping for Car Insurance Quotes Online

By John Bellafonte

With the high price of car insurance, everyone is looking for a better deal. While most insurance companies are adequate, some people may need to upgrade their policy for cost effectiveness or may be adding a second vehicle. Before just contacting your current provider, an online search for car insurance quotes may reveal something better out there.

Many hobbyists and car buffs will need particular policies if they have restored or are in the process of restoring an antique or classic car. These types of vehicles require special coverage due to their age and type of car that they are. This is particularly true of the classic muscle cars as they tend to be on the road more than the restored antiques.

By gathering a few of these car insurance quotes and comparing them, one may find that there are better deals out there than what they currently have in place. These companies provide a much higher level of coverage than the average insurance company due to the value of the vehicles. This holds especially true for the antique cars that have been fully restored.

The antique car policies are unique in that the vehicle is driven much less than any other type of car but still requires insurance against damage for those rare times it is on the road. The actual cost of the premium may be quite a bit lower than a muscle car just due to this. Each of the car insurance quotes received will specify the amount of miles a year that the policy will cover in these cases.

These same specialty insurance companies offer coverage for antique and classic motorcycles and boats as well. Because they deal strictly in these types of vehicles, the insurance quotes received will be very specific as to the amount of coverage and the price will be the most affordable available. They know the value of these vehicles and do their level best to make sure it is fully covered against almost any contingency.

When searching for car insurance quotes online, make sure to have all the vehicle information readily accessible. While moving from website to website, submitting multiple online forms to request quotes for each vehicle will be necessary. For those who have more than one vehicle to insure, there are blanket policies available from most providers. This will cover all of owned vehicles in one simple policy rather than requiring a separate one for each.

Car insurance quotes online are the quickest way to compare rates and coverage for any vehicle imaginable. With today's technology, these quotes may be returned to you in a matter of seconds. In certain cases, the insurance company may need to contact you for more specific details regarding the vehicle and this can make the quote results take a bit more time in getting back to you.

Take some time and research these companies carefully. There are many from which to choose. Finding the right one for your needs is just a few mouse clicks away. - 30406

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Finding Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes Online

By John Bellafonte

If you drive, you need car insurance plain and simple. One small accident without it and it's possible to jeopardize everything you own and may end up receiving a fine. In this current economic climate, a cheap auto insurance quote can help keep you legal for less.

Many car dealers will not even allow you to purchase a car without insurance already in place. For those who have just purchased a new car, money can be very tight after making such a large expenditure. Going online to get a cheap auto insurance quote from a number of different providers will help ease the burden of purchasing a car insurance policy. It's a quick and efficient way to save money and get you on the road faster.

Multiple vehicle owners will benefit greatly from just such a comparison. Cheap auto insurance quotes online for two or even three vehicles is just as easy to get as a quote for just one. This may be one way to lower that monthly premium without spending a lot of time or legwork getting it done.

Newly licensed drivers will find discounts available to them by requesting cheap auto insurance quotes from multiple providers. Many offers include reduced rates for good grades and properly completed driver's education classes. Any discount for the new driver is good due to the high risk group they fall into and the normally higher premiums they are required to pay to be insured.

Once the form is filled out on the provider's website, the quote can be generated and returned in a matter of seconds. This allows for more than one quote to be requested in a short period of time and the comparison to begin. Many insurance companies now offer a multiple quote option on their website, showing their rates and those of other companies for comparable policy coverage.

The forms that need to be completed are normally quite brief and easy to do. Basic information will be required and should all be gathered first before starting the search. This includes in particular, all of the vehicle information such as year, make, and model along with the vehicle identification number.

While the average cheap auto insurance quotes are created in about an hour some may be completed in seconds. Each website will request an email address that the quote may be sent to once it is finished. Be sure that the address is a good one and that you have printer access as well to make a copy for side by side comparison with other received quotes.

Many of the providers will send cheap auto insurance quotes online in the hopes that you decide to choose them for you primary insurance company. Be sure to see what discounts and specials each insurer may be offering to gather your business. The competition in the insurance field is quite fierce and this can be used to your advantage in getting the best rate on vehicle coverage. - 30406

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Saving Money with Auto Insurance Quotes Online

By John Bellafonte

When shopping for car insurance, one can look high and low to try and find the best deals. By getting your auto insurance quotes online, however, the actual time needed to complete this task will be minimal. The Internet allows for comparison shopping to be done with a multitude of providers all in one place, your home.

Combining auto insurance and the power of the internet can result in finding a ton of auto insurance quotes online. In order to make sure that you are protected from potential lawsuits filed by other motorists involved in an accident, you must carry liability coverage. Medical expense coverage will pay for hospitalization and treatment no matter who is at fault during an accident.

Increases in insurance coverage may include things like collision and comprehensive coverage. These are mainly used for newer vehicles where the value of replacing them far outweighs the repair costs should the car be in an accident. Many finance companies require this on vehicles and the auto insurance quotes online will help to save you money when the need arises.

When requesting auto insurance quotes online, be sure to know what your particular states minimum requirements are for coverage. The last thing you need is to pay for a policy, have an accident and find out that your insurance does not cover everything. While your vehicle may not need full coverage, being underinsured can be just as bad as not having any at all.

Make sure that the coverage values meet or exceed any possible scenario should the insurance policy need to take effect due to an accident. While many states have their own particular minimum coverage amount, the average is around $12,000.00 for property damage. This amount barely covers many of the vehicles on the road today.

While many people like the peace of mind in having full coverage on their vehicles, there may come a time when this is just not financially prudent. If the cost of the premium over time outweighs what it would cost to replace the car should an accident occur, then too much money is being spent on car insurance. Take some time to find out exactly what your car is worth and how much insurance coverage is actually needed based on this as one factor.

There are several ways to find out the actual dollar value of your vehicle. The easiest way to do this is again, found online. By visiting either the Kelley Blue Book or NADA websites and searching for your make and year of car, a value based on mileage and condition can be found. These are the same websites the insurance companies and car dealers use to value vehicles. This too, will greatly aid you in searching for auto insurance quotes online.

Take some time to research umbrella policies in your quest for auto insurance quotes online. This type of coverage is like "super charged" liability insurance that covers not only vehicle damage but medical bills for injured parties as well. The cost of these is quite reasonable and may be just the fit you are looking for. - 30406

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Maintaining Your RC Cars

By Paul Rice

When you want to make sure that your RC car stays in good shape, and when you want to get the most use out of it, you'll find that good care can go a long way!

Whenever you change out the batteries, and before you use it, make sure that you give it a once over. Make sure that the tires are in good shape, and look over the screws to make sure that they are all tightened. Are all the wires connected, and are the battery connections good? Consider whether or not you will have to adjust the shocks for the terrain. Also make sure that the weight is distributed just the way that you want it to be and that the tires that you have chosen are good for the kind of movement you are planning on. A general purpose tire can be good for racing surfaces, but if you want to go off road or onto the pavement, you'll need something heavier. Make sure that you re-glue the tires right away if they get loose.

Are your motor and slipper gear properly aligned? If they are not, this can cause some nasty wear on your RC car. Check the alignment; the mesh should be neither too loose nor too tight. The gap between them can be measured with the width of a piece of paper, but remember to remove the paper before you put it back together. Are the motor and the slipper gear in tight? If not, consider using some LocTite on the screws before you tighten them down again.

Know your vehicle?s strengths and use it wisely. A race car will not work well off-road. A carpet car won?t do jumps very well. Obviously, the more you crash the car, the more wear and tear you will cause. If you jump your vehicle, take jumps straight on, not at an angle; and at a steady speed, not under acceleration.

Give your vehicle frequent breaks to allow electrical components to cool down. If you smell an electrical burning odor, you're putting too much stress on the motor and causing damage. Also, keep your vehicle as dry as possible. Moisture causes damage and corrosion to electrical parts. Discharge batteries completely before recharging them, unless otherwise directed by the manufacturer.

If your vehicle has a gas engine, follow the manufacturer?s recommendations for maintenance and storage. Usually, you?ll at least need to drain the fuel and clean and oil the filter before storage.

After you have run your car and before you put it away, use a damp cloth to remove and debris or dirt. Make sure that the batteries are taken out of the car and the controller. Make a note of any broken parts that you need to replace before you can use your car again, and make sure that you get the replacement parts that you are after, as using bad replacements can cause even more damage.

Remember that cars do have a limited lifespan, and that at some point, they will need to be replaced. Buy a good product at the outset and follow good common sense rules; if you do that, there is a good chance that your RC car will have a long and useful life. - 30406

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Selecting the Correct Options for Your Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

By John Bellafonte

Securing the right type of motorcycle insurance as well as the correct amount does not have to be complicated. Just like auto insurance, there are three basic types of coverage when deciding to get a quote. The three are liability, collision and comprehensive. Not only does insuring your motorcycle protect it against damage, it can prevent you from experiencing punitive monetary difficulties if someone else is involved in an accident.

Buying motorcycle insurance can turn out to be a pleasant experience if done properly. While it is an absolute necessity if you own one, getting the right policy can be as easy as calling your current provider on the phone. Many will offer a discount if you choose them as you already have a motor vehicle policy in existence, making their paperwork that much easier.

Just because you have your car insurance with one company does not mean that taking a look at other providers is necessarily a bad idea. Checking out the options and plans offered by other companies may turn out to save more money than just adding on to an existing policy. Motorcycle insurance should be chosen for its coverage and not just for its price.

While many people choose to own a street bike or cruiser, quite a few like the speed and power of a sport bike or racer. The premiums for these will be higher due to the amount of speed they can attain in short distances. You can liken this insurance policy to that of insuring a sports car or street rod.

An online search will bring a wide range of providers and policies to compare, directly to you, complete with free quotes. This saves all the time on the phone and having to speak to high pressure insurance salesman. It allows for an informed decision to be made while looking over many different policies and companies rather than having to settle for just what is available locally.

Many state and local laws require no less than liability coverage be carried on any motorcycle. Having a little extra added on to the policy will not hurt though, if it is ever needed to be used. An online search allows for printed copies of quotes to be compared right at home, with no rush on making a decision, allowing you to make the right choice.

The options that some providers may offer on an insurance policy can include extra passenger insurance, custom equipment and uninsured motorist. Depending on your use, these options should be explored when choosing a policy. This will help to insure complete coverage. Discounted motorcycle insurance can be made even cheaper by taking and passing an approved safety class.

With the advent of the Internet, shopping for motorcycle insurance has never been easier or less stressful. Finding the right coverage for you and you motorcycle is just a few clicks away and takes no time at all. If you decide to buy the policy online, normally the ability to print out a temporary card is made available, until the regular one arrives by mail. This lets the open road be accessed even more quickly, with no waiting on the postal service. - 30406

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Find a Lower Premium with a Car Insurance Quote

By John Bellafonte

"Dad, can I borrow the car?" These words can strike fear in to the heart of the most stalwart of parents. A new driver in the family means one thing and one thing only, that more insurance will be needed on the family car. A car insurance quote from your current insurance provider and one or two others may help to relieve this burden a bit by doing a little comparison shopping.

While they may start out higher, there are ways to lower the cost even before that first solo road trip. There are a few insurance companies that offer discounts on coverage to students with a good grade point average or ones that may have completed a driver's education class in school. A car insurance quote will let you know if this is offered by a particular company and what the rate will be both with and without this discount.

New drivers come with a plethora of issues. Most new drivers are just getting used to being behind the wheel and do not have the confidence that seasoned drivers have. The main areas where the fist time driver is going to do most of his or her driving can also make a difference in the car insurance quote.

Those who reside in large cities and high-traffic areas are going to pay a higher premium. Since there is more traffic, there is a higher chance that the new driver will not know how to handle these conditions. New drivers don't often have the experience to negotiate challenging traffic situations.

While country living is preferred by many people, the insurance companies are no different. With virtually empty roads, the odds of an accident occurring with another vehicle are greatly reduced. This allows the insurance company much more leeway when offering a lower car insurance quote.

Just because a driver is new, does not mean that he or she is a teenager. These quotes will differ in price if the newly licensed driver is in their mid twenties instead of being a teenager. The reason behind this is that there is a more developed maturity level at that age than in the teens so the driver may be considered slightly lower risk.

There are so many variables when it comes to insuring first time drivers so it is easy to understand why a quote is so important before purchasing a policy. Make sure you inform the agent of all information before the quote is written up. This way, you're sure to get the best policy for your first time drivers needs.

Once you get your car insurance quote for the first time driver, read through it carefully. Always look at all the fine print and make sure you understand the verbiage. If you have any questions, ask them as soon as possible to be certain to get the policy that will provide the appropriate amount of coverage for the best price possible. - 30406

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